We are grateful to the talented contributing artists who imparted their experience and knowledge as they reconstructed dances for our studio showings. It is vital to our process to have their support in order to not only present the original choreography, but to capture the original intent and style.


The dialogue of bygone shows is available in old scripts;
songs can be resurrected from scores; sets from photos and models.
But for the most part the dances are not recorded at all



Retrievable only from the minds of those who made or performed them!


Donna McKechnie

Robert La Fosse

Margo Sappington

Joshua Bergasse

Christopher Bailey

Patricia Birch

Marge Champion

Wayne Cilento

Tomé Cousin

Lloyd Culbreath

Patti D’Beck

Gemze de Lappe

Kathryn Doby

Carla Earle

Nicholas Garr

Leeanna Smith

Greg Graham

Niki Harris

Leo Holder

Angelique Ilo

Daniel Levans

Stas Kmiec

Stephanie Klemons

Ed Kresley

Baayork Lee

Mia Michaels

Adam Murray

Lars Rosager

Luis Salgado

Randy Skinner

Pamela Sousa

Jason Sparks

Megan Sikora

Albert Stephenson

Shea Sullivan

Dianne Walker

Elena Zahlmann





Chita Rivera

Rob Ashford

Andy Blankenbuehler

Jerry Mitchell

Susan Stroman